2011 MatSu LiDAR & Imagery

Public mirror of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough’s 2011 LiDAR & Imagery Project. Members of the public can get a full copy (or subset) on a disk from the Mat-Su Borough LiDAR and Orthoimagery Data Ordering Portal.

UAF GINA MatSu 2011 Lidar and Imagery Mirror of the MAT-SU Borough LiDAR & Imagery Project

Imagery LiDAR Project Wide

See the Project Summary.pdf and Project FAQ.pdf documents for details about the project.

Current size of the mirror is 3.6 TB.

GINA is working with the Alaska Energy Authority as part of the Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric project to make accessing the Matanuska-Susitna LiDAR and Imagery easier.

All the deliverables are public domain. See the Project Summary.pdf for details. Check the project website for current status of the project.
  • ½ ft, ortho-rectified, 4-band imagery for a 270 sq/mi urbanized area
  • 1 ft, ortho-rectified, 4-band imagery for the entire 3680 sq/mi area
  • Point Cloud Data w/ 1m true nominal pulse spacing (nps) and 0.6m nps through overlap
  • Automated “vegetation” classification; low (1-6ft), medium (6-15ft) and high (>15ft)
  • Intensity Images
  • 1 m first return digital surface model (DSM) (aka top of canopy)
  • 1 m bare earth digital elevation model (DEM) w/ hydro-flattening
  • 1 m first return hillshade
  • 1m bare earth hillshade
  • 2 ft contours
  • Building footprints @ 97% accuracy
  • Breaklines
Watch the MatSu lidar-project-updates page for project updates and the log below for mirror updates.

LiDAR and Imagery Products:
All products, for all blocks, have been reviewed and accepted and are available.

Email support@gina.alaska.edu if you have any questions about this mirror.

2017.09.27 - Update URL to current project url at matsu borough
2013.03.25 - Imagery: Matsu block imagery updates to both 6'' and 1' and Core_ARea
                    Renamed the Core folder container to Core_Area
             LiDAR: All_Blocks received pile of updates:
                    Flightline Footprints, Flightlines, Hydro, Buildings and more
                    Core_Area massive update to whole delivery
             Added ability to access the mirror via ftp://matsu:lidar@ftp.gina.alaska.edu
2013.03.11 - Added latest status update from MatSu (see above).  
2013.01.03 - QA/QC reports for Caswell_Lake and the Talkeetna blocks added. The zip bundles
             have not been updated for these reports.  The overall project accuracy
             assessment is still being prepared and not yet available.
             Core_Area (minus contours) now available with bundles for bare-earth and
             surface DEMs available in top level of the LiDAR.  
             Matanuska Contours now available as zip bundles.
2012.12.03 - North Susitna 2ft contours have arrived.  The whole delivery is 59GB so check out
             the Geodatabase ZIP (5.0GB) and Shapefile ZIP (2.7GB) bundles.  Also with this
             delivery came a correction to the Willow block.  The Willow corrections provide new
             10ft contours and a replacement WIL_009_DEM.TIF tile.  Contour bundles for Willow
             available in /LiDAR/Willow/Contours.  The new WIL_009_DEM.TIF and the auxillery
             and metadata files available in the Bare_Earth_DEM/TIFF directory.  Also created
             v1211 zip bundle of the Willow Bare Earth DEM (4.7GB).
2012.11.06 - Matanuska LiDAR update: Point_Cloud, hillshades, Intensity_Images, Hydro, and DEMs
             updated for the Matanuska block. Created the v1211 LiDAR bundles for downloading
             the First_Return_DSM (5.1 GB) and Bare_Earth_DEM.zip(4.8 GB) The Matanuska Hydro
             directory as a zip file: Matanuska-Hydro-v1211.zip (664 MB)
             This brings the total MatSu mirror to over 2TB of data (both Imagery and LiDAR).
2012.09.11 - Integrated latest updates:  Matanuska 1 ft Imagery, Talkeetna LiDAR, North Susitna
             LiDAR.  WMS services not updated yet.  Created v1209 LiDAR bundles for downloading
             the DEM and DSMs available in /LiDAR
2012.09.02 - Updated Caswell Lakes Hydro directory with updates.  You can download the updated
             Hydro directory as a zip file at Caswell_Lakes-Hydro-update-v1208.zip
2012.08.06 - Updated WMS feeds for LiDAR hillshade and Imagery for v1207 archive stage.
2012.07.25 - Integrated 07/06 and 07/12 disk updates.  Imagery updates: 1/2 foot for Core block.
             1/2 foot for Matanuska block.  LiDAR for Willow.  Point MacKenzie receives replacement
             Imagery and LiDAR. LiDAR for Caswell Lakes and fixes to the Willow Contours.
2012.07.06 - Applied the Global Encoding Bit Fix to the Point MacKenzie LiDAR Classified
             Point Cloud.  Created a laszip compressed version of Point MacKenzie in the
             LiDAR/Point_MacKenzie/Point_Cloud/Classified.laz directory.
2012.07.03 - Updated the 2011 MSB LiDAR Imagery File Management Schema document.
2012.07.02 - Link to data ordering portal added.  Updated Project Wide files:  Injected
             new Project Boundaries geodatabases and added half foot imagery shapefile.  
             Created a Project Wide/Project Boundaries-v1207 zip bundle.
2012.06.29 - North Susitna (beta) lidar mosaic available in North_Susitna.beta
2012.06.20 - created global encoding bit error page
2012.06.18 - bundle zip files for the DTM and DSM available for the Point
             MacKenzie block.  Grab them from top level of LiDAR.
2012.06.15 - WMS of the imagery and hillshades available.  
             Updated the Imagery/All_Blocks shapefiles (new metadata).
2012.06.13 - initital public website creation injected project wide Flight
             Lines and Photo Center Points available as Imagery/All_Blocks-2012.06.13.zip