LAS Global Encoding Bit fix

This fix has now been applied to the /LiDAR/Point_MacKenzie/Point_Cloud/Classified las files. Anyone who got a copy of the data before July 6th should apply the fix to their local copy.

After releasing this mirror Martin Isenburg, developer of LAStools contacted the project and informed us of a small issue in the LAS files.

His message: your "global encoding" bit seems to be set wrong in the file that I downloaded (and probably in all other files as well). the GPS time is negative and that means you are using adjusted GPS standard time and that means that bit 0 of the global encoding field should be set, run lasinfo.exe on the files to convince yourself or read the ASPRS LAS 1.3 specification.

This was confirmed and a fix was created to solve the issue. The zip contains the fixer tool to go through the LAS files and correct the issue. This tool was developed by Jason Mann at aerometric.

instructions for FixGlobalEncodingBit.z1p

1) Download the attached file and rename the extension to ".zip"
2) Extract the 2 files to a folder on your hard drive
3) Double-click the EXE file to launch the program
4) Load all of the LAS files into the processing queue
5) Click on "Process" --> "Fix Headers"

Should only take a few seconds to run through all the files.  I have tested 
on several files and read them into multiple software packages to ensure that 
the program is working correctly.